PRE-K and Kindergarten Round Up 2020-21

PK Registration starting 4.20.20, daily from 9am-2pm.

Kinder registration starting 4.27.20, daily from 9am-2pm

PK/Kinder evening registration 4.28.20, 5pm-6:30pm

More info to come! Stay Tuned! 

PKREGISTRATION - click here for the link to the district site. 

Registration Link - Click here for the registration link. 

Prekindergarten Enrollment  2019-2020

There are two parts to Prekindergarten registration: qualification and registration. Both parts must be completed in order to fully enroll your child in school. This page will walk you through the process for qualifying and registering your child for Prekindergarten. 
Do I qualify for Prekindergarten? Answer the following questions:  
  • Is your child four-years-old or will they be four by September 1, 2019?  This is state law. Only four-year-olds can go to PreK.
  • Do you live in NISD? Prekindergarten students must reside in NISD.
  • Do you meet one of the qualifications listed on the Eligibility and Documentation page?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Click here to go to the Eligibility and Documentation page.             
 If you answered yes to these questions: 
  • Make your appointment to qualify for PreK with the campus you will be attending.                                                             

No appointments necessary. You may bring your information to the school between 9:00 and 2:00 daily.

For dates after May 4th, please contact the school direct.

    This appointment consists of document review in order to qualify for PreK. Computers will be available if you need to finish up registration online.   Click this link for a list of documents you need to bring to your appointment.  All documentation must be complete in order to have your child placed in a class. If you are qualifying under English as a Second Language your child must accompany you for language testing.

     Thompson Elementary

     Online Enrollment

    Registration is done online.  You will find an online video, detailed directions on how to enroll and answers to questions about the district. Make sure that you click SAVE at the bottom of each page so that if you need to stop and continue later your information will be saved. 
    Once you have completed online registration, you must click SUBMIT on the final page. You will receive an email back that may say pending or denied. Don't worry! Just make sure that you read the email thoroughly.  You must attend your Prekindergarten appointment and have your documentation reviewed and approved before the registration can be completed.
    Gather Your Documentation - See the Parent Documentation Checklist page or the link above
    From now until your appointment please gather your documentation. If you do not have all your documentation we cannot complete your registration. Only students with completed registrations will be placed in a class. We cannot hold places for incomplete registrations.
    During your Prekindergarten appointment the campus will review your documentation required for qualifying for Pre-K and for registration.
    Make sure your child's immunizations are up to date by the time your appointment arrives.