Student grades can be easily accessed at the top of the NISD web page with the A+ icon.  The FAQ below may help with some questions, but teachers should always be contacted to better understand how to support learning at home.

Q: Why do some classes have many assignments listed in the grade book and others do not?  No two courses are alike.  The volume of assignments/tests and the speed at which they are corrected will vary from course to course and teacher to teacher.

Q: What should I do if an assignment is listed as missing?  Discuss the missing assignment with your child.  Once an assignment is turned in, it could be several days before a teacher grades the work and records the mark in the grade book.  If a turned in assignment is listed as missing, and several days have passed since it was turned in, have your child ask the teacher about the status of the assignment.  If these steps have not resolved your concern, contact the teacher directly.


Q: What should I do if my child disputes an assignment/test score as listed in grade book?  Discuss the concern with your child.  Have your child work with the teacher to clear up the mark in question.  Ask to see the graded assignment.  If these steps have not resolved your concern, contact the teacher directly.


Q:  Why would I not be able to view grades for one/some of my childs classes? Parents should be able to view grades for every class in which their child is enrolled.  When a teacher is working in their grade book, the grade may not show.  If you are unable to view grades for a particular class for more than a few days, contact the teacher directly. 


Q: What should I do if I believe my childs attendance is not accurate?

Discuss the concern with your child. 

Tell your child to clear up the absence with their teacher. 

If these steps have not resolved your concern, contact the attendance clerk at your campus.


Q: What does it mean if I receive an e-mail attendance notification? 

An e-mail alert is sent to you when your child is marked absent. 

There are many reasons for this including a tardy to class. 

Please check the eGrades later to see if the child was absent or tardy. If by the end of the day, the attendance mark is still a concern, talk to your child about the attendance situation.


Q: What if I receive an e-mail attendance notification, but when I go to attendance, my child has not been marked absent or tardy?  The e-mail alert is sent when a student is marked absent or tardy to class.  If the teacher changed their attendance status after the alert was sent, by the time you check attendance in eGrade, you might see that they were actually present in class.  Remember that the data in eGrade is more current than the e-mail alert.


Q: What if I have children in multiple NISD schools?  If you have children that go to more than one district school, you will need to log in with each students individual identification number, password, and campus. Although student identification numbers can not be changed, a user can enter the eGrade system and change each student password so they are all the same.


Q: What if I forget my user name?  The user name is the students school ID number. You can contact your campus office manager to retrieve this ID number.


Q: What if I forget my password?  If a user forgets their password, they can refer to the PIV letter that was sent home. If the password was changed since that time, the letter has been misplaced, or another user has changed your password contact your campus office manager to have your password reset and another PIV letter will be sent to your home address on file.


Q: What is the best way to contact a teacher?  You may contact a teacher directly via e-mail or by contacting the campus directly.  All teacher e-mail addresses may be found on the Northwest Independent School District web site,


Q: When can I expect the average on-line for each 6 weeks?  The day that the report cards are distributed; however, progress can be monitored throughout the 6 weeks.



Q: I opened my grade or attendance reports in my email (Outlook, Hotmail, etc) and the columns are not straight.  What should I do?  Open the .txt file of the report in Notepad or Wordpad, and it should be easy to read.


Q: What is a reasonable amount of time to expect a response after e-mailing a teacher?  Under normal circumstances a response should be received within 48 hours.


Q: How secure is the on-line reporting?  Very specific information is required for access.


Q: Who other than school personnel can access my childs grade?  No one can access your childs grades unless you have given your password and student ID login to them.